Cool And Thoughtful is a community that believes being “cool” means being kind, generous, and committed to creative problem-solving. We celebrate the idea that you can be a better citizen in the world by getting in touch with yourself so that you can be thoughtful with others, and we believe that this is what it means to be truly cool. We publish a monthly newsletter, we profile individuals who powerfully exemplify Cool And Thoughtful, and we host events that allow us to practice this ethos together.

Five principles define what it means to be Cool And Thoughtful:

  1. Generate Productive Solutions - instead of ending with a judgement or opinion

  2. Practice Action and Faith - recognizing that intentional action and trust in the unknown are not mutually exclusive

  3. Hold a Context of Learning - looking for the learning every experience, building momentum from the positive

  4. Be a Yes - which doesn’t always mean saying yes, but it does mean getting curious about your resistance

  5. Stand For  - we stand for rather than rebelling against, deriving power from possibility rather than anger 

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Cool And Thoughtful was started by Kerrin Smith, who fell somewhere in the middle of the popularity spectrum in high school. Even if she didn’t always receive the A-list social invites, she liked who she was and trusted the values she held, and listened especially hard to the inner voice reminding her to think about what it’s like for the other person. Her nonlinear path led her to explore what principled business leadership could look like in the fashion industry, to prototype this work herself (as best explained in her TEDx Talk, The Local Economy of Fashion), and ultimately, to create Cool And Thoughtful as an expression of her mission: to redefine how we relate to each other as human beings.