This is an initiative to shift social values

Cool And Thoughtful™ is an initiative to shift our understanding of “cool” from narcissism and rebellion, to generosity and engagement. At its core, this project is a call for a more empathetic worldview and uses aesthetics, interdisciplinary dialogue, and events as mediums to spark a new conversation about how we relate to each other as human beings.

We define "empathy" as a practice of imagining how the world may seem for another person. Being Cool And Thoughtful, then, is about embodying a mindfulness for how you engage with world around you and is grounded in six core principles. We offer these principles offer a way to be engaged, generous, and empathetic -- in other words, Cool And Thoughtful.

Cool And Thoughtful™ began with CATiD LLC, a project committed to responsible global citizenship in the fashion industry. Building on TEDx talk, The Local Economy of Fashion, which links principled business leadership in the fashion industry to a shift in social values, Cool And Thoughtful™ asks us to examine our aspirational values and invites us to prioritize kindness, integrity, and accountability.