This is an initiative to shift social values.

COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™ is an initiative to shift our understanding of “cool” from narcissism and rebellion to generosity and social balance. At its core, COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™ is a call for a more empathetic worldview and uses aesthetics, interdisciplinary dialogue, and events as the primary mediums to spark a new conversation about how we relate to each other as human beings.

We define "cool" as being generous, engaged, and empathetic, rather than narcissistic and rebellious. Here "empathy" means developing a practice of imagine how the world may seem for another and is quantified by a moment of pause baked into an interaction before reacting or jumping to a conclusion. Being "Cool And Thoughtful" is about inhabiting a mindfulness for the way you engage with world around you. 

This project is the successor to CATiD LLC, a project committed to responsible global citizenship in the fashion industry. Building on the CATiD TEDx talk, The Local Economy of Fashion, which links principled business leadership in the fashion industry to a shift in social values from individualism to empathy, COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™ is an experiment in scale by calling for the same transformation but in an industry-agnostic way.

Aesthetics remain foundational to COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™, as we use aesthetics as the primary way to engage a diverse audience in this alternative worldview. Our original content blends fashion images, spiritual texts, personal reflection, and intellectual theories to illustrate what it means to be “Cool And Thoughtful.” In a monthly profile feature, we also celebrate individuals who exemplify this ethos.


For more on the ontological underpinnings of COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™, including deep detail on how redefining "cool" can help shift our cultural aspirations, take a listen to our conversation with Sarah Starrs on The Girl Gang Conversations.