Exemplifying Cool And Thoughtful:

Celebrating those who are stepping towards a more balanced world, each in their own creative way. These individuals are role models of being Cool And Thoughtful.


Tess Palma-Martinez

"Supporting local businesses matters because it supports the dream of why they started. Behind every small business is a person, or persons, who had an idea of how they wanted to add to their community. They used their unique voice and vision to bring a business to life, to bring life to their neighborhood. Imagine what the world would look like if we supported everyone's dreams."

Anni Kravi

She answered the interview via "mindmap."

Madeline Dolgin

"There is no way to peace, peace is the way."

Rania Matar

"I burn for peace in the Middle East, for a normal life for everyone, for education and normalcy for refugee children, for people on all different sides to look at each others as people, for the whole concept of 'us' and 'them' to disappear."

Richard McCormick

"My aesthetic: often deep in a creative thought maze." 

Cora Hilts & Natasha Tucker

"Reve En Vert, above everything else, is an ethos. A company we founded in response to the evolving nature of contemporary style and into something a bit too consumptive and trend-based for our taste. It's our commitment to bettering the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle."

Elliott Brown Jr.

"Date Night is a bi-monthly art salon that features artists of varying disciplines and philosophies. The one night only event, which takes place out of someone's home, began as a way for me to honor those artists that inform my life and practice. It is also a way to validate emerging artists."

Rhianna Jones

"I love life. Love. Alliteration. Eloquence and elegance. Modern muses (code word for friends). Matisse. Inner beauty and outer radiance. Serendipity. Fashion as a visual language. Wanderlust. Inspiration and creation."

Dayna Frazer

"My family is most inspiring to me. The values they instilled in my are priceless. They are such good, selfless, incredibly hard working people. My mom was a waitress me whole life, and she just went back to college in her 50s and got her bachelor's. My dad has been a stone mason since he was fifteen. My brother helps veterans recover from drug addiction. They all have good intentions and great work ethic. I grew up very poor in terms of money, but certainly not affection and good nature."

Xandra Robinson-Burns

"My mission, my quest, is to unite fiction and reality. My dream is for women to own their roles as heroines, and embrace every step of their adventures."

Daniela Jacobs

"Mindfulness matters in every space. In the design realm it is important because consideration for process leads to a better outcome in every imaginable aspect. Clarity of intention behind design - for the materials used, their source, the 'users' and their needs, the visual identity of everyone and everything involved - translates into a more meaningful outcome."

Meg Von Schroeter

"My high school English teacher, who once raced his best friend from California to Boston by hitchhiking across the country, told me 'the best education a kid your age could get is to drive straight across the U.S.'" 

Lydia Epp Schmidt

"My aesthetic in very few words: simplicity and elegance; a boy wearing girl clothing. Androgyny is really important to me, but I have never wanted to look particularly masculine - my femininity plays an important role in both my aesthetic and my life in a more general sense." 

Timo Rissanen

"If we were to transform the fashion industry so that it wasn't killing anyone (and transforming that requires transforming our economic system), then we would be one giant step close to a future of flourishing for humanity, to borrow from John Ehrenfeld."