little garden & big garden

Consider that our objectives and orientation can fall into two domains, two "Gardens," if you will...


Your Little Garden is your own personal concerns and priorities -- the ones pertaining to and directly effecting you. Your Big Garden is what your life is for. "Purpose" feels too grandiose and abstract here, so instead, consider to what end you like to spend your life. What difference do you want to make, what kind of impact would you like to have on the world and why? There is an undeniable interdependence between the two: you can't have a nice Big Garden without having a Little One first, and to be fully effective in growing your Big Garden, your Little Garden is well-tended and healthy.


But the funny thing is, though, when you make your life about growing your Big Garden, things seem to resolve themselves within your Little Garden -- those personal concerns and comforts have to get handled in order to create the right conditions for the Big Garden to grow. This work does not happen without great intentionality, for it takes a real commitment to being up to something bigger than your own comforts. Those "Big Flowers" though, are the ones that can bring us George Bernard Shaw's "true joy in life," and the discipline and creativity it takes to be a Big Gardener can become a way of life itself. 

Film images by Cool And Thoughtful.