days and nights in chinatown

Hannah and I spent the afternoon in Chinatown, gawking at dragonfruits, letting our minds play, shopping for seventy-five cent chopsticks. When the evening's plans melted into a night that could have very well ended early (always pay attention to which borough the interactive art installation is located), I almost said no, but instead I said yes, and Hannah, Sarah, and I did round two in Chinatown -- this time at night, and it was magical.

We were girls loving girls, talking about girl things, and relishing the unexpected, "turn-on-a-dime-ness" that is New York City. Somewhere at a corner table at a bar deep in Chinatown, we talked about our aesthetic evolutions -- Hannah: "currently: plants, words from the olden time, mom shoes." Kerrin: "1.0 was Alexa Chung, 2.0 was Freja Beha, 3.0 was  a lot of metallic tops influenced by The Weeknd. Now we're on 6.0" Of course we also talked about the power of being a yes, the night itself being a perfect example.  

Lucius came on when I was stranded in Brooklyn, charging my phone and getting ready to raise the white flag for the night. I didn't realize until later that this track was the signpost for the rest of the evening. 

photos: @coolandthoughtful -- Instagram.