currently practicing:

Currently practicing: "I wonder what will happen today..."

At the beginning of the year, my mum,  my "auntie," and I started reading Living Beautifully together. This book is a practice in itself, rather than a cover-to-cover read, as there are nuggets of wisdom tucked in every paragraph. There is always a line or two that jolts me in the best possible way, often introducing a new element of mindfulness to my day-to-day. I'm still making my way though this book, and I find that timing of each discovery is always perfect. To this point, here is what I've been practicing: 

Many years ago, one of the monds at Gampo Abbey introduced me to the practice of saying to myself when I wake up, ‘I wonder what will happen today.’ That’s the spirit of taking a leap...This is the practice of claiming our warriorship rather than being swept away by our thoughts and emotions.
— Pema Chödrön

My wonder tattoo had nothing to do with this concept, however I did get it as a reminder to be a warrior for wonder, rather than waking up into concern and anxiety, our default state as human beings. Wonder is no more true than anxiety, so let's pick the one that serves us. This idea is certainly related to what Pema is saying here, but the practice of "I wonder what will happen today" brings a realness to the process of claiming our warriorship. I love this. And I love that my tattoo gets to take on a new significance too. 

images: @coolandthoughtful -- Instagram.