monday moods: 2017

On the one-year anniversary of "Monday Moods," it feels important to revisit why this weekly (or close to it) series is such a key component of COOL AND THOUGHTFUL. As we say at the end of every post, "here's how this post is helping to shift social values":

First, these posts challenge the cultural associations of fashion photographs by placing "rebellious" imagery in context of generosity and empathy. We therefore start to reappropriate certain fashion aesthetics, challenging a viewer's automatic response to -- and then expanding their associations with --  these images. Second, Monday Moods is an example of how COOL AND THOUGHTFUL uses aesthetics as a strategy for shifting social values: compelling aesthetics can engage a wide audience in a call for a more empathetic worldview. Finally, the concepts paired with the images in a Monday Moods post promote the behavior and thinking that defines what it means to practice "cool" as generosity instead of rebellion. 

Cheers to a second year of aesthetics and mindfulness...

week one

balancing action and faith, new earrings, traveling, honoring the long term, reading, remembering impermanence, taking a lot of photographs, family, mental strength, velvet, critical thinking, loving every piece in your closet, future beats, new partnerships, looking for the learning, speaking french, the color purple.

images here

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