"let's eat dreams"

Cool girl Anni Kravi has found a culinary partner in crime in Richard McCormick, one of Finalnd's favorite chefs and an entrepreneur who counts a pink food truck as one of several successful ventures. Together they have launched Date + Kale, a place where smoothie bowls are made of stardust and pseudo-macro bowls are made of clouds.

As the story goes...

date liked kale's smoothie bowls and date's restaurants were kale's favourites in town. now kale's smoothie bowls are actually served in one of date's restaurants.

And the rest is history.

In addition to events, recipes, and on-point aesthetics for which they are both known (think Anni's sketches plus Richard's tattoo vibes), Date + Kale shares stories of some of their friends, and Cool And Thoughtful was lucky enough to one of these featured. friends...see the profile here