kindness, logic, and beauty

Kindness can be very logical. For instance, why would we test something on animals, if they may suffer in the process? Why, then, would we do it? Recognizing that this is a vaccum-ized approach to something highly complex, and taking holding an appropriately suspicious view of absolutism, it still feels appropriate to bottom-line the topic in this way...

If there is known potential for direct suffering for another being, then why do it?

There are many layers to this question, and we can each draw our own lines according to our knowledge, worldview, and preferences. Personally, I continue to discover an awareness for the suffering of which I have previously been unaware. My choices regarding what I put in and on my body are functions of my worldview, of the privileged opportunity I have had to educate myself and act accordingly, and of my chosen commitment to express my values through my preferences and actions. At the same time however, why test on animals remains an authentic question rather than a rhetorical one. 

Alternatives, as drawn above: 

for skin -- Inesscents Avocado Oil

for teeth -- Tom's of Maine Simply White Toothpaste

for face -- Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream