the friendship buckets

There was a time when Claire and I lived half a Manhattan neighborhood away from each other, and we saw each other twice a day. Several apartments later, there is a way we laugh and be together that is truly unlike anything else. A friendship takes different forms over its lifecycle, however at its core, a friendship is a constellation of common interests, common values, and common experiences. Each friendship is a special combination of stones in these three "buckets," and it is a cumulative critical mass that keeps a friendship alive over time. 

Claire and I had lunch at The Standard earlier this week, and we laughed and quipped the way to do together. In taking some time to focus on our respective careers, we have more stones in the Common Values Bucket than ever before -- we share a quest here, even if it means we don't get to see each other as frequently. Lately and our lives are overlapping again in a way that allows us to fill the Common Experiences Bucket, reminding us that true friendships evolve and grow alongside us. 

Girl on the go -- Instagram  @catidkerrin

Girl on the go -- Instagram @catidkerrin