la vie en rose, part one

Some might argue that yesterday was the last Sunday of the summer, and so Rhianna and I went out as far as we could in Rockaway -- the end of the A, the end of the S, and then to the end of Fort Tilden. We had our bikes and our baskets, and we set up in a secluded pocket of le plage sauvage -- it was the next best thing to Capri. 

MOMA PS1 has turned a handful of abandoned beach houses in a sea of graffitti-ed structures. They are intentionally designed so that when the light hits just so, it becomes a dream world, and that's what happened last night. I was in pink, Rhianna was in red, and for two girls who believe in la vie en rose and in the power of idealism, sashaying around a beach house bathed in that rosy light was a dream come true.