soundtrack: stella

An Evening At Home: Exhibit A -- sitting at my table, using chopsticks to make my way though a hodgepodge of legumes and avocado, and listening to Krishna Das or WNYC. (real talk.)

A couple weeks ago I tuned into All Things Considered just in time for a radio guest to name drop Stella Santana as her soundtrack du jour. A couple hours and a lot of SoundCloud tracks later, I had tickets Stella's album release and had hit repeat enough to be considered an official fangirl. Who knew that WNYC could be such a sonic matchmaker? 

Disco balls twirled downstairs at Bowery Electric, and Stella is as warm in person as her vibes on are on air. Her debut album dropped a few days ago, and I listened to "Watch Me" as loud as I could while riding my bike as fast as I could down West Side Highway a few nights ago.

And then again and again and again before going to bed.