on love and new york

On a Friday evening the city turned that enchanted shade of periwinkle, and six women gathered on the fifteenth floor. Power, passion, and creativity flowed easy and strong -- three older women, and three younger women. It's one thing to exchange hopes and dreams, but it's another thing to mean it, and we all meant it. "Ten years from now" is not a catch phrase for these women, but rather a creation, and this group will hold each other to it. 

Everyone has something to say about New York. Anything is possible here, but you have to be intentional. This is a place that hits both ends of the spectrum: on one, there is a serendipity -- those "New York Moments" -- that can only happen here; you walk our your door and the pulse of the city and the rush of knowing that anything could happen is the best feeling in the world. On the other, this is not the place to sit back and let life happen for you. This is true anywhere, but especially here. Somebody once told me that "everything is amplified in New York," and I think that's the best city descriptor I've heard; it doesn't minimize the individual's responsibility for their own experience, while also accounting for some of the very real conditions of the city.

No matter how you slice it, it's the people -- your people -- that matter and that make your experience. Find the ones you love, who make you better, who challenge you, who bring light to your life, who share key parts of what matters to you. Shape your environment such that it pulls you forth, and love harder even when you want to pull away. I've been practicing this lately, and it's magic.