la vie en rose, part two

We were biking back from the end of the world -- the end of the A to the end of the S to the end of Breezy Point -- and everything felt like a dream. An orange sun turned into a periwinkle glow that was floating across Far Rockaway. We kept asking ourselves, is this real life? 

Rhianna pulled out the little set of beach speakers and cued the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, which was reminiscent of another enchanted evening at Habana Outpost earlier this summer. In a moment like this one, I would usually think, it doesn't get any better than this, but this was so dreamy, so good -- simple and special all at once -- that there weren't really words to describe it. These pictures from my ever-present throwaway camera are proof that sometimes, our lives and our adventures are actually beyond our imaginations, and that is where the real magic can happen.

Where we actually were: MOMA PS1 "Rockaway!" at Fort Tilden.