"truly living"

Claire was in town a few weeks back, and we kicked off one of many adventures at the Bowery Hotel. The conversation quickly took a turn for the existential, "if I were to die tomorrow," she said, "I can say that I have truly lived. There is nothing else I would have wished I had done."

I thought for a moment. "I'm not sure I could say the same," I said. A handful of Bucket List items immediately sprang to mind -- measuring sticks for whether or not I had lived "fully" so far. After holding this inquiry for the past few weeks however, and most importantly, practicing being a yes to life, I'm realizing that "living fully" is less about those big items and more about how you engage with your life on a daily basis.

Living with a curiosity about life, a courage to try something new, a willingness to forgive yourself, and a compassion for others is what constitutes "truly living." 

Here, those big Bucket List items become correlates to living this way.