sartorial recipes: jazzy ears

Over the past few weeks, I've done a "diagnostic" on my wardrobe. Daniela actually inspired me to do this, sharing about a class she took at Parsons that had students keep an "outfit journal," cataloging their outfits and their experience of wearing them. What emerges through this 12-week process is a handful of themes and insights that, when synthesized, become the ingredients in the recipe for a successful outfit. I've held this process and an observational point of view for several months now and finally sat down to diagram out what my outfit "recipe" might be. In lean startup style, I started by outlining a handful of "constraints" (ex: need to be able to sit comfortably; need to be able to walk across the city unexpectedly), ultimately landing on these two conclusions: 

1) The vibe is unfussy, but elaborate: I don't like wearing a lot of pieces; I don't want to worry about how the piece fits, falls, or if it stays, yet the pieces I do wear should be whimsical and elegant at the same time. (Enter a plethora of printed silk pants and vintage tees.)

2) If Françoise Hardy and LouLou de aa Falaise had a daughter and moved the Bed-Stuy, I like to think that I would dress like her. (I'll leave that one to your imagination for now.) 


Enter jazzy ears:

One new expression I've discovered as a way to be unfussy, but elaborate and detailed all at once. That said, until I can cross over my own (fear of) pain threshold, I'll stay plotting and planning my own arrangement...

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