nonlinear intentionality

Photo via Instagram:  @coolandthoughtful.

Photo via Instagram: @coolandthoughtful.

One thing I've discovered lately is that there are many faces of intentionality. One visage is setting an intention by clearly visualizing something in the future. From here, we channel our energy and actions towards that goal, even if the path there is ambiguous and nonlinear -- we still know what we're driving towards.

However, we can also knit together an intention over time, not necessarily acknowledging it as such. Here, we might be focusing on a project or dwelling in an inquiry, rather than calling out some end goal explicitly.

This second visage is about putting organic pieces together over time, rather than carving out the space for them in advance. It's about evolution and about dreams that simmer in your subconscious, marinating to the point of tipping forward into your conscious mind, at which point, this second kind of intentionality crosses over to become the first.