roadmap for creation

I believe deeply in a practice of forward-moving self-reflection (read: reflecting for the sake of being generative and cultivating awareness, rather than navel-gazing), and a key part of this practice is stepping back, taking stock, and indulging (!) in a moment of significant creation. With a twenty-fifth birthday coming up soon, so I've been thinking a bit more than usual about how to design a life that can be a vehicle for impact and proliferate self expression.

Photo via Instagram:  @coolandthoughtful.

Photo via Instagram: @coolandthoughtful.

These questions emerged during a Friday morning coffee. Beyond the birthday at hand, perhaps these questions can be a roadmap for creation and a springboard to designing a life that aligns to intentions:


How do I want to live? What practices are most important to me? 

What no longer serves me? 

Which elements of alignment do I want to prioritize?

How would I like to expand?

Where do I want to make a difference?

Who am I being?

What is important to me? What would I like to make important to me?

What have I been avoiding? What would courage here look like, be like, feel like, taste like? 

What's next for my self-expression?


I've been taking my time with each...choosing one a day as a way to reflect and build...