the optimum health game

My brother and I were chatting about wellness last night, and between bites of my god-knows-what's-actually-in-it low-calorie pint of "ice cream," I realized that something needed to change. Lately, there have been too many packs of gum chomped and self-sabotage by way of chocolate covered pretzel "dinners," and so something's gotta give.  Dev, wanna play the game of optimum health? By the time we're home, we are both in the best health-shape of our lives? The game is on. 

For me, there are a couple categories: nutrition, digestion, fitness, beauty. Here are the rules of the game for each:

NUTRITION -- make a daily meal guidline (not a verbatim plan, per say) and stick with it joyfully. This is an exercise not only in diet quality, but also in having your word and commitments reliably translate into actions. 

DIGESTION -- cut the gum and processed office snacks in service of chamomile tea, plenty of hydration, and fruit munchies.

FITNESS -- Tracy Anderson is our goddess. Also, dipping a toe into a regular yoga practice...

BEAUTY -- aiming to have skin so healthy that makeup isn't necessary. This means renewing a membership to Hydration Nation, masking at least two nights a week, and using selected vegan beauty products when a little something is needed to go a long way. Per the wisdom of my friends with the best skin, this also means going HAM on sun protection

The content here is far less important than the game itself -- it's about turning something that matters to you into a committed act of play. When we do this, we can turn that which can become an "burden" or obligation," and turn it into self-expression.

Photo via Loni Jane. 

Photo via Loni Jane