Hey Change Episode 16

Anne Therese Bengtsson is my soul sister. We met through her roommates, and as I explain in the first few minutes of this interview together, when I first saw her, I feel head over heels in a girl crush for the ages. Our friendship is grounded in that "generator" attribute in service of positive change -- that is, we both express ourselves through projects to that could help shift our world in a more Cool And Thoughtful direction. In this way, our friendship holds special weight across all three "buckets" that comprise a friendship: Common Interests, Common Values, and Common Experiences.

Therese interviewed me for her podcast, Hey Change -- sharing below her description of the above interview, in a spirit of utmost gratitude:

In today’s girl talk with life philosopher, TEDx Speaker and total babe Kerrin Smith – aka my soul sister K – we find ourselves comfortable on my floor in Brooklyn and talk about everything the Universe has brought to our attention right now. How do we react when we realize that we may not be as healthy as we thought? When is a habit becoming obsessive, and how can we change our ways of being in order to take care of ourselves in better ways?

We also discuss the meaning of the word empathy, and how it’s so different to rebel against something bad opposed to standing for something good, even though the underlying cause may be the same. Then, of course, Kerrin also shares her view on what it’s like to be cool and tells us how this mission of hers, a mission she calls CAT (Cool & Thoughtful), is the passion beyond her TEDx Talk, her digital presence, and her entire outlook on life.