Practicing being Cool And Thoughtful together


Cool Convenings

Cool Convenings are facilitated events designed to translate the Principles of Cool And Thoughtful into action. We use events as a way to bring the philosophy of being Cool And Thoughtful to life, for we believe that the value of good ideas lives in the manifestation of them.

Being Cool And Thoughtful means doing the inner work required to shine your light in the world. Our convenings are a way to do both. Each convening has two parts that dance with each other over the course of the event - first, we deepen our own self awareness though partner sharing and guided conversation. Then, we explore together how to build on these observations to be kinder, more compassionate, and generative in our daily interactions.


Cool And Thoughtful Picnics

The idea is simple: come together. Bring your lunch, bring yourself, bring whomever you'd like, and let's see where the conversation goes (or doesn't!).

Film cameras are encouraged, but certainly not requisite, and these pop-up picnics happen on a monthly basis around our Cool And Thoughtful homebase of New York City. All are always welcome.

Upcoming picnics are announced a few days before via Instagram @coolandthoughtful.