COOL Convenings are facilitated workshops that explore how redefining "cool" can help create productive solutions to problems.


We convene as a way to build community by providing a vehicle for deep and meaningful connection. In unpacking what it means to be "cool" vs what it means to be “Cool And Thoughtful," we engage with each other deeply and personally. In this way, a COOL Convening is an as-lived benchmark for the kind interaction and vulnerability that is possible between people.

We are translating concept into action. Through role play, small group discussion, partner work, full group discussion, and supplementary materials, a COOL Convening is a forum for translating the ethos of being Cool And Thoughtful into applied action. 

We believe that engagement can shift perceptions and inspire new behaviors. By designing specific opportunities for each participant to participate in an alternative way of thinking and acting, we strive to create a resonance and provide a toolkit that galvanizes attendee to “own” and practice “Cool And Thoughtful” in their own lives.

We are strengthening the interdisciplinary core of this work. We believe that the best ideas are created together. A COOL Convening is chance for attendees to speak from their personal contexts and a way to bring together a blend of viewpoints that enrich the concept. We believe that in order for the idea of being "Cool And Thoughtful" to begin to scale, it must be relevant to a broad audience, and it must manifest in many different fields.

On January 12, 2017, we came together to acknowledge the impact of our current understanding of cool. We then explored an alternative definition, bringing the concept of being "Cool And Thoughtful" to bear in generating a new solution to an old problem.  Learn more about the whole experience.