Kerrin discovered that she burns for empathy, and so she decided to do something about it. 


"Three days ago, this denim set was a denim dress. It didn't fit quite right, so I took a pair of kitchen scissors to it, and here we are. Imagine if every time we purchased a garment, we did so intending to have it for ten years. There is an attitude of appreciation that we would bring to our wardrobes by treating every item as 'The Item.' If we got tired of it, we would rework it. We would have to unlock our creativity. We would have to generate satisfaction with what we have rather than fixate on what we want. Bringing these values to our consumption choices starts to change how we think and how we see the world beyond the sartorial. We would start to become more thoughtful, more intentional, more mindful of our impact on the planet and on others, and we would start to condition ourselves to be creative and resilient in our problem solving. It is in this way that shifting our relationship to our clothes is a starting point for a broader shift in social values."

Kerrin Smith is the founder COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™ and its predecessor CATiD LLC. She graduated summe cum laude from the Gallatin School for Individualized Study where she designed an alternative paradigm of economic growth for the fashion industry. Inspired by Bill McKibben's "local economy," John Kenneth Galbraith's "conventional wisdom," and Robert Farris Thompson's study of itutu, the West African concept of "cool" as social balance, Kerrin created CATiD as a prototype of a smaller scale economy in the fashion industry. In 2014 she delivered a TEDx talk, The Local Economy of Fashion

Kerrin lives in New York City. If you see a girl wearing white high top Vans laced with ribbons, that's her. Say hello! She would love to meet you.