The Cool And Thoughtful Manifesto

Imagine a world in which being “cool” means being generous and engaged instead of rebellious or self-absorbed.

In this world, we practice the kind of personal mindfulness that allows us to be in tune with ourselves so that we can be thoughtful in our interactions with other people.

We bring curiosity to our own experience and to that of those around us, allowing us to pause and consider what might be happening in the other person’s world - wonder why they responded the way they did - before we jump to a conclusion.

We ground ourselves in generating productive solutions to problems rather than sitting back with a judgement or opinion. We are creative and resilient in our problem-solving as we move forward with issues of every shape and size.

Our priorities have shifted from differentiation to contribution. We are not rebelling against the current state, but rather, standing for a world in which our aspirational values are ones of kindness and integrity.

This is the world of Cool And Thoughtful.