anni kravi

for all its corrosive tendencies, social media is also a miraculous connector. there are some special women with whom i would have never otherwise engaged had it not been for instagram -   anni kravi is one of those people. Cool And Thoughtful and hailing from finland, anni blends wellness and whimsy in a way that is as distinctive as it is impactful. i first stumbled across anni's instagram @anniskk over a year ago. her photographs of meals are candy for the eyes and fuel for the body and completely altered how i think about my own eating habits. to say i've been a "fan" ever since sells it all short - i am just one of many whom anni has inspired to find joy and creativity in their wellness routines.  in this way, anni uses aesthetics in a way that defines the cool in Cool And Thoughtful: here aesthetics are not an end, but rather a means, as beautiful images of beautiful meals become an impetus for mindful and healthy eating. 

upon reaching out to anni, it became clear that this lady is as CAT as her signature breakfast bowls are delectable: signing emails with an authentic have a wonderful day, x, anni's demeanor and expression are a perfect correlate for the wonderful aesthetics she puts out into the world. the best example would be her response to the CATiD interview question: instead of answering in prose, anni drew a what she calls a "mind map" to chart her thinking, quite literally drawing the connections between questions, origin stories, and philosophies . when i opened the finnish-stamped envelope of her responses, magic sprinkled all over the room.