rhianna jones

From the back cover of Parisienne French: Rhianna Jones was born in Chicago, IL, and received a dual-degree in French Literature and International Visual Studies from Tufts University. Combining her great passions of writing, fashion and girliness with her eternal love for Paris, this book represents her complete vie parisienne. She is convinced of being Holly Golightly's grittier modern-day counterpart, and takes that role very seriously. 

What do you love? Life. Love. Alliteration. Eloquence and elegance. Modern muses (code word for friends). Matisse. Inner beauty and outer radiance. Serendipity. Fashion as a visual language (see below). Wanderlust. Inspiration and creation.  

My sartorial philosophy is…  Love what you wear and wear what you love. If it doesn’t make you sparkle inside and out it’s a waste. Life’s too short.

What’s the lens through which you see the world?  A pretty in pink one. A lens of love and light, with feminine overtones. I try to find beauty in everything, everyone, every place. A lens of culture and compassion.

Why Paris? Ooh la la! Pourquoi Paris!? I love how mellifluous the language is as it rolls off my tongue. The sumptuousness of the culture, and yet the simplicity of the lifestyle. The white limestone backdrop for its inhabitants strutting around en noir. Most of my favorite things are French: Macarons, Chanel Reissue bags, Brigitte Bardot, St. Germain, Diptyque amongst countless others. Or French Moroccan: Café Gitane – NYC, La Mosquée de Paris – Paris, YSL’s Jardin Majorelle- Marrakech. It’s best summed by the late great Oscar de la Renta: “If you want to establish an international presence you cannot do so in New York. You need the consecration of Paris”. Paris is the epitome of cultured sophistication. Two qualities I strive to embody. Paris…C’EST CHIC!!

Fashion + film: ready, set, GO: Fashion and Film go hand in hand like Grace Kelly and Glamour. You can’t have one without the other. Pourquoi? Cine-magic! Edith Head’s genius costuming for Grace Kelly’s film roles made her a public icon for glamour and grace and elegance. Hence why Hermes named (my aspirational handbag) après her and she became a Princess…if we could all be so lucky! Fashion is a visual language we use to communicate ourselves to the world around us. This language is translatable globally and interwoven with cultural nuances– i.e. the “Mandarin” collar or why kaftans emanate exoticism etc. Films are where clothes come to life on a character and evoke the mood, spirit and vision on the film. They’re like a runway on the silver screen. They can transport us to foreign lands and inspire us to be whoever we desire. Fancy being Marie Antoinette for a day gallivanting in grandiose gowns and noshing petits fours…well Sofia Coppola’s cinematic confection has you covered! My #1 life goal is to create a fashion film of my own! A handful of foreign favorites (In order): In the Mood for Love (HK), Breakfast at Tiffanys (US), La Dolce Vita (IT), Blow Up! (UK), Qui-Êtes Vous Polly Magoo? (FR)

Describe “Your New York:” A metropolitan marvel. My New York is constantly evolving, energizing and enigmatic. You never quite know what magic will find you in this urban jungle. It is a place I call home, a city that inspires me to create and curate myself to my wildest dreams. A wonderland that has brought me love, laughter, and most importantly an epic wardrobe. No other city breeds creative opportunities and imaginative individuals quite like this one.

If I were a color, which would you be? Disco ball colored. Its constantly glowing yet tarnished (as I am undeniably and “old soul”). It’s inherently magnetic and radiant. It also inspires people to dance… J’ADORE DANSER!!

All-time favorite outfit/memory combination: Ooh too many to count! Nothing brings me more joy than my “daily uniform”, except for this moment! My book-launch party, surrounded by friends celebrating my first book, Parisienne French (see collage). I found this fabulous Thakoon dress with a waist bow so big I felt like a present bursting with emotion. The pink of the dress is not only “MY PINK” –as every girl has her own shade- but matched the book cover perfectly. Prada calls this shade “peonia”, peonies are favorite flower…but that night it was “parisienne pink”.   I wore it with YSL Rouge #1 (to sign every copy with a kiss) and sky-high heels. I danced the night away like queen on champagne clouds.   

Any other question that’s important to ask and answer... FYI: Holly Golightly is my spirit animal ultime. Basically I’m the latent manifestation of her love child with Brigitte Bardot in the disco era.