rêve en vert

"Rêve En Vert, above everything else, is an ethos. A company we founded in response to the evolving nature of contemporary style into something a bit too consumptive and trend-based for our taste. It’s our commitment to bettering the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle. It is a project of passion by the two of us to support designers that are doing their best to improve the standards of the design industry. In the Rêve En Vert office, we speak about curation, aesthetic and longevity as the traits we want to see in the labels we choose to carry." 

- Cora Hilts & Natasha Tucker, co-founders of Rêve En Vert, a company offering sustainable high fashion (source)

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Why fashion? It's a form of art we love, but it's also the one thing everyone does everyday and in doing so makes a statement to the outside world about themselves. Style is so personal and we wanted to find a way to make people feel good about making more conscious and sustainable or ethical decisions in their lives. Sustainability should be a beautiful and sought after thing.

How do you understand the concept of "sustainable fashion"? It's not only about how, where and by whom your clothes are made, but also about investing in beautiful, well made and quality pieces that you can hand down to the next generation. It's about quality and producing pieces of fashion in a respectful way to both people and the planet.

My favorite piece in my closet is...because... Tash: a vintage Missoni dress because it used to belong to my grandmother and now she has given it to me.

What is the relationship between knowing where your clothes come from and stepping towards a more "sustainable" fashion industry? It's hard to feel good about buying things when you know about some of the conditions our clothes are manufactured in and the way in which people making our clothes are treated. We want to help make people feel good about their purchases and we believe that people are seeking a better and more transparent practice within fashion, based on the knowledge we now have. Educating people is the key first step towards moving people in a more sustainable direction.

What do you burn for? We love fashion in all of it's forms but we don't like to focus on trends. We much prefer iconic pieces and the vintage clothes hanging in our grandmothers' closets. We love unique finds and clothes that have amazing stories behind them as well.





What are your dreams? We want to see sustainable fashion become the mainstream, normal choice for everyone to make.

Anything else we should know? Dream in Green!