richard mccormick

"Richard is a Chef, Restaurateur & Food stylist. As a 16-year-old teenager, he was already running his first kitchen in Denmark; Spain, Japan, Russia, London and Scandinavia followed. Richard is now based in Finland and has brought all his knowledge to the Helsinki restaurant world. He is known for having run kitchens like New York Ninja, Siltanen, Nolla, Shanghai Cowboy, Tokyo Girl and now Sandro in Kallio/Eira. Sandro was chosen the best new restaurant of the year by Helsingin Sanomat Nyt-liite (11/2013) & in 2014, won three categories in City-Lehti’s vote for best restaurant in Helsinki: Best Restaurant, Best Ethnic Restaurant and Best Brunch. His avant-garde culinary concepts have proven successful in several pop-up restaurants, catering events, electronic music festivals & Food Truck." (learn more)

How would you describe your aesthetic? Often deep in a creative thought maze imagining new ideas. 

What are you most excited about in your life right now? Date + Kale opening its first spot together with Anni Kravi. After working together for almost two years it's great to finally be getting our own restaurant. 

My favorite tattoo is [a small heart] because [it reminds me of a special person]. 

Tell us about the food truck...a little passé, currently thinking what will be the new way to serve great food at festivals and events. 

What are you dreams? To keep on dreaming and creating special and unique moments for my guests, challenging myself and the hospitality industry. 

What is the most important things you've learned as an entrepreneur? Patience, taking care of and inspiring your team, and of course not forgetting to take care of myself. You cannot give if you are all used up. 

Holiday, Helsinki

Holiday, Helsinki

Favorite Cool And Thoughtful things: My latest restaurant opening named Holiday is more than just a restaurant - it's a special space, and when you enter people can feel the energy around and often say they feel they are in a magical place. I believe sharing good vibes with your team helps create these special moments for your guests.

One year ago, we published the first COOL AND THOUGHTFUL profile, featuring Anni Kravi. It is only fitting that we celebrate the one-year anniversary of COOL AND THOUGHTFUL by profiling Richard, who is the "date" in Date + Kale.