daniela jacobs

"Daniela Jacobs is a Parsons graduate the the designer behind the brand ARC. The collection consists primarily of porcelain + metal jewelry & home objects that bridge organic form with small-scale industrial production techniques. Materials are responsibly sourced to create seasonless, future-heirloom pieces that are bold in simplicity and made by hand in New York City." (learn more

What do you burn for? Peace - in both abstract and literal terms. It might sound contradictory, but I "burn" for peace of mind, peace in my design practice, peace in my decisions, peace in my actions. I yearn for a work in which (at least moderate-!) peace is the true intention behind global iniatives, therefore yielding better, safer, positive outcomes for the future of our planet, our people, our daily lives, and our collective sense of well-being.

How do you describe your aesthetic? I'd say my aesthetic is like sand: it's constantly shifting, though probably stays within a recognizable realm, my personal set of themes... I like a good contrast - in texture, color, shape. Every outfit I wear, every piece I design, every table I set, every dish I cool, seems to play in some way with a combination of these three elements. I love asymmetry that feels like symmetry. 

Where does the name "ARC" come from? ARC is a concept, not a product: it is, at its core, a body of work that seeks to encourage mindfulness and individual creative expression. From jewelry to home objects - and perhaps other items in the future - it is a collection that explores and experiments with wearable, functional sculpture. The name "ARC \" comes from the simple geometric for that so many things, people, and ideas, can fit under. An arc is simultaneously a shape and a concept; similarly, I wanted a name for my work that was both literal and figurative. 

Why does mindfulness matter in the design space? Mindfulness matters in every space. In the design realm it is important because consideration for process leads to a better outcome in eery imaginable aspect. Clarity of intention behind design - for the materials used, their source, the "users and their needs, the visual identity of everyone and everything involved - translated into a more meaningful outcome. 

What moves and/or inspires you? So many things! Warmth - in people, in temperature, in all ways...Kindness. Respectful bluntness... Shapes, colors, and textures found in nature...the sea; the way the sunlight makes everything golden just before it sets; sand dunes; rock formations; organic asymmetry that feels as balanced as symmetry; unexpected pairings that just work together; the surreal; a good contrast (as previously stated!); literal and figurative transparency; the concept of finding beauty in function...

What is something you're learning, practice or improving right now? I'm constantly figuring out how to balance all the things in life that are important to me: activity and rest; intensity and ease; playfulness and seriousness; knowing my limits and listening to them... ARC is very much a fluid extension of and expression of myself, so I don't see it as distinctly my "work" life in contrast to the rest; still, learning to balance all the various elements is an ongoing practice and probably never finished.