xandra robinson-burns

Xandra Robinson-Burns is a writer on a mission to unite fiction and reality. She is the founder of Heroine Training, a platform and curriculum to empower you to be the heroine of your own life. You can watch TEDx talk, "How Harry Potter Saved My Life," here.

What does it mean to be the leading lady of your own life? Being a leading lady means showing up and owning your role as a heroine. The funny thing is, ‘heroine', ‘hero', and ‘protagonist' are structural terms:  inherited automatically by being the main character of a story. So it’s simply, really. It means acknowledging that you are the main character in your life, and that you are on a journey, like a character in a novel or onstage. Being a heroine does not mean that you are perfect, or finished. In fact, it means that you accept yourself as a work in progress, and are ready to fully embrace your journey: flaws, challenges, and all.

What are your dreams? My mission, my quest, is to unite fiction and reality. My dream is for women to own their roles as heroines, and embrace every step of their adventures. As for myself, my big dream was to read English at Oxford, one of the most magical cities in the world. I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland, the other most magical city in the world. I feel like I’m living in a dream, so my only hope for myself is that I never take it for granted. I would also like a puppy.

If I were stranded [insert place], and could only bring one book it would be [insert book] because [xxx]....No matter the setting, I’d bring The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. First of all it’s massive, but even if it weren't I could spend days thinking about a single line of his writing. Also, The Tempest and Twelfth Night would bring me solace with themes of shipwreck!

How would you describe your aesthetic? Bold adorable. 

What are you learning / practicing / improving on right now? Such a good question. I am getting into meditation (I started with Headspace’s Take 10 challenge), and carving time into my day for running, yoga, and rock climbing. I say “carving into” instead of “out of” because when I devote time to physical practices, I am giving myself more time. I am learning how to make simple but exciting salads, slowly learning French, and I’m always taking some sort of personal development training, be it a course or coaching. I find it important to always be learning, especially in the area that I teach!

The Theater: ready, set, go! Oh my! There is nothing like performance - except perhaps life. A story unfolds in front of you in real time, filling you with presence. Theatre is the art form that combines all art forms, and presents it live to you. Through acting we understand ourselves and others in a uniquely intense and authentic way. Through the deadline of Opening Night we celebrate progress, projects, and completion. The best theatre opens our minds and hearts, turns off the critic’s commentary in my head, and leaves me bounding out of the theatre with an irrepressible grin and no words, and then the next day, so many words. Buy someone a ticket to the theatre. It is the best present.

Anything else we should know? If I were a combination of two Disney characters I would be Lady from Lady and the Tramp and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph. And my haircut was inspired by Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls.