Cool And Thoughtful out in the world

“The world needs more brands like CATiD…Kerrin Smith is providing customers with an option to buy something that is truly made with care, compassion, and the realization that we are all in this together. In a world of mass production, plastic, and worship of the ‘bottom line,’ how refreshing it is to find a company that openly shares all pertinent information about their products. soulful, hand-written tags include info on materials, production, and the actual people that contributed to each cool creation. way to BE THE CHANGE.”
— Paris Gerrard, Charcoal Alley
Wheretoget - Here's How This Woman Is Redefining Cool In The Fashion Industry

Wheretoget - Here's How This Woman Is Redefining Cool In The Fashion Industry


TEDxGallatin: The Local Economy of Fashion

(Kerrin)...strives to create a place where the world of fashion is Cool and Thoughtful. She showed up with an Opening Ceremony jacket and and especially cool Rodarte hoodie. I would describe her as surprisingly positive and optimistic–I include “surprisingly” because it’s true, but it at the same time so strange; I mean, are we now living in a world where positive people are now the exception and not the rule? Say it ain’t so.
— Lord Ashbury
Kerrin is exactly what CATiD sets out to be: Cool and Thoughtful. One thing is what the fashion industry strives so hard to be; the other something that it sometimes (well, most often times) can lack. It is very rare when these two worlds collide, but when it does it creates something so beautiful and inspiring that it pushes you rethink the inner and outer workings of an industry that endlessly puts out the image of having an extremely tough exterior.
— Dylana Suarez