How to be Cool And Thoughtful

  1. Generate Productive Solutions -- We generate productive solutions to problems rather than end with a judgement or opinion.
  2. Practice Action + Faith -- We recognize that intentional action and trust in the unknown are not mutually exclusive.
  3. Hold a Context of Learning -- We seek the learning in every experience, building momentum by focusing on the insightful and positive rather than reacting to the negative.
  4. Cultivate a Practice -- We understand a "practice" as the actions that arise at the intersection of what we know and what we value. Both are constantly evolving, and so therefore, a practice allows us to be fluid and intentional with our commitments instead of rigid.
  5. Be a Yes -- We understand that being a yes does not always mean saying yes. Though this state includes saying yes to that which you might have otherwise said no, it also means noticing where you "are a no" and inquiring into that resistance.
  6. Stand For -- We stand for rather than rebelling against: the latter suggests that something "shouldn't be," whereas the former accepts things as they are while passionately suggesting an alternative. In doing so, we derive power from possibility rather than anger.
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