COOL AND THOUGHTFUL is an initiative to shift our understanding of "cool" from rebellion to generosity.

Drawing its roots from CATiD, a project standing for responsible global citizenship in the fashion industry, COOL AND THOUGHTFUL uses aesthetics and interdisciplinary dialogue to spark a new conversation about how we relate to each other as human beings and to call for a more empathetic worldview. 


Here are some of the key ideas: 

On Aesthetics -- how we use aesthetics to help shift social values.


On Living -- "living with a curiosity about life, a courage to try something new, a willingness to forgive yourself, and a compassion for others is what constitutes 'truly living.'" 

On Sustainable Fashion -- how shifting our relationship to our clothes is a starting point for a broader shift in social values.


On Love -- "love doesn't have to be some long-term state for which we are endlessly questing, but rather, something that is always available to us, moment by moment."